Be Kapten.
Be OPen-Minded.

We are aware of our responsibility towards society, our environment, our customers, partners and employees and act accordingly. Therefore, in recent years, in addition to our focus on more ecological sustainability, we have increasingly placed an emphasis on social sustainability: our social responsibility. In the meantime, some great projects have already been created, which are close to the hearts of our entire team.

Vegan products

Thanks to advanced technologies, it is no longer necessary to use animal materials for high-quality and durable products. That’s why we have been working for years to develop vegan alternatives and gradually replace animal materials. Already today our product portfolio of backpacks and sunglasses is completely vegan and certified with the ‘PETA Approved Vegan’ label. Only in our watch category do we currently still offer watch models with leather straps, which account for approximately 15% of sales in this category (as of November 2021). Our goal is to switch to a completely vegan product portfolio by the end of 2023.

volunteer day

In line with our motto “BE PASSIONATE.”, we encourage our employees to become active for a good cause. That’s why we give our employees an extra day of vacation to support charitable projects. The impressions and experiences can then be shared internally with the entire team on our Volunteer Blog. We think it’s wonderful to see how many great projects are supported by our employees and how the team inspires each other.

Together we care.


We also regularly link collaborations with influencers with a fundraising campaign. For example, in the course of our collaboration with Vaneziablum, we donated €53,700 to Save the Dogs in Kallikatia. Together with Joanne van de Herik, we donate 5% of the sales of Williamsburg by Joanncdherik to Free a Girl.

Corona Help

The year 2020 was difficult for many people. To give something back to society, we therefore donated part of our sales to the German Children's Charity in July 2020.

Advent Calendar

As part of our Advent calendar, behind one door every year we organize a donation campaign: our followers can nominate 3 organizations to which a monetary donation of 1000€ will be donated. In 2020, our donations went to Viva con Aqua, MAP Straßennasen and the German Childhood Cancer Foundation.


The flood disaster in the summer of 2021 severely shook our team. For this reason, we decided to donate 5% of our total sales to Aktion Deutschland hilft for one week.

Donations in kind

We are also very happy to make other people happy with our products and have supported some initiatives with product donations in recent years. For example, in 2019 we donated backpacks to the Lukas Podolski Foundation as well as Die Arche.

Charity Run​

In April and September 2021 we organized the first virtual charity runs with our team. The run donations totaling €4000 went to organizations such as Kinderkrebshilfe Münster, intombi and Ohrenkuss.

Together we grow.

Continuing education

We want to provide our employees with the best possible support so that they can realize their full potential. To this end, each employee has an annual training budget that can be used in the work context according to their own preferences and interests. This results in a wide variety of training opportunities, which we discuss regularly.

Creative workshop

Not only do we want to grow together in the work context, but also as a team. It is therefore important to us that we try out new things together and also switch off a bit. Once a month, we hold a creative workshop where, for example, pictures are painted, candles are poured or seasonal decorations are made.


We know how important the physical health of our employees is. That’s why we offer weekly sports classes where we can work up a sweat either together in the office or virtually. With a diverse range of offerings such as yoga, boxing or HIIT workouts, every Kapten will find what he or she is looking for.

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(as of November 2021)

Kapten Forest

In 2020, we launched the Kapten Forest. In collaboration with the organization Eden Reforestation Projects, we plant trees in Indonesia, where they are needed most. Instead of superfluous corporate gifts, we now give our partners certificates for a number of planted trees every year at Christmas, among other things, so that the forest can continue to grow.